glimpses of works by Erwin Kopeng.

An independent & quick-witted motion designer/animator, Erwin injects effective creative input and understanding to every work that he produces. After building his career in the bustling and vibrant Singapore, he is now based in Stuttgart, Germany. With more than 6 years of industry experience under his belt, Erwin incorporates strong background in design and versatility to deliver quality works in timely manner.

Erwin’s passion in travel has been his constant source of inspiration to his photography interest, as landscape and street photography being his main subjects. To him, traveling is a therapy. Sports permeates Erwin’s life aspect and he has been diehard Manchester United supporter since his youth. Apart from being movie aficionado, he enjoys playing musical instruments as he believes that it benefits his creative thinking.  

Creative philosophy:
Being adaptive yet genuine in style. Complexity in the process with simplicity in execution give depths to every artwork.

About Jagad Khayal:

Derived from hindi (जगत् • Jagad) and urdu (خیال • Khayal ) , Jagad Khayal refers to Indonesian phrase for “universe of fantasy”. This serves as platform for him to exhibit his creative works.